Add Some Beautiful Florals to Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

Lemon style florals

A flower arrangement that will make you smile.


What gave me the idea…

One day as I was grocery shopping and I was feeling down in the dumps.  As I looked around, I saw so many of us wearing masks, arrows on the grocery store floor pointing in the direction I was suppose to walk,  and self distancing to be safe.  I felt so sad that things in our world had changed so drastically. A few moments later I passed by the fruit section and I saw some bright yellow lemons that caught my eye.  It then made me remember of a quote I had in my home that I have in my kitchen from Krumpet’s Home decor which says “When life gets sour, sweeten it with with gratitude.”


Lemon Quote

The quote that helped me put things into perspective.

It then dawned on me…

I have so much to be grateful for! I realized I need to do something that I love to do and may bring cheer into my home.  So I grabbed about 8 beautiful, bright, yellow lemons and threw them in a bag.  I then proceeded to the flower section on the hunt for some flowers to go with these beautiful vibrant lemons.  Right away I saw the most beautiful yellow lilies and some mixed greenery that I knew would complete the look I was going for.

I seriously couldn’t wait to get home and create the flower arrangement I had envisioned in my head.  I found a large old clear candy vase that we used at my daughter’s wedding reception.  It was purchased 5 years ago at our local Hobby Lobby (it came with a lid which I obviously didn’t use)

When using a filler like the lemons I got, you want to make sure that you use a clear vase.

How to create this easy flower arrangement…

Lemons and lilies

Lemon and lilies are the perfect combination!

First remove any stickers on the lemons and rinse them off.  Place about half of the lemons into the vase.  Next, add the mixed greenery.  Be sure to cut the stems in a diagonal so that the stems are nice and fresh and can soak up more water.

From there you then add the lilies and be sure to cut the stems of these as well.  The most important part is to arrange the flowers that look appealing to your eye.  I focused more on having the lilies in the center of the arrangement and the greenery around it.  I am no professional florist but I always say there is no right or wrong in a floral arrangement.  If it’s in your home and it makes you smile that’s all that matters!

Be sure to fill the rest of your vase with the remaining lemons. Also make sure to use the lemons to hide the stems of the flowers as much as you can.  Most importantly add water!  *A side note: In my photo above I didn’t remove the noses of the lilies until the next day when one of my followers taught me it’s best to remove them as they can get quite messy.  I was truly grateful and the arrangement still looked as beautiful as ever!

A new weekly tradition!

My flowers lasted a little over a week.  I got so excited to go to the store again and create a new arrangement for a new week!  I realized this may be a new weekly tradition. Look what I ended up doing for the next week!

Pears and Hydrangeas

I ended up doing pears and hydrangeas!

This time I went to the flower section at my local grocery store first before heading to the produce to see what my options were.  I found some beautiful hydrangeas and some mixed greenery.  I love pears and knew that is what would be my filler.  Unfortunately this arrangement didn’t last as long as hydrangeas are so beautiful but don’t have a long life span.

*Important: When you use fruit or vegetables as a filler for your arrangement they should not be reused to eat as toxins from the flowers may not make it safe.

Pears and hydrangeas

I loved this arrangement on my island.

Here’s another fun and vibrant floral arrangement…

Limes and floral mix

Here is a more vibrant floral arrangement.

The following week I came across these beautiful bright flowers.  Limes just seem to fit the vibrant mood these flowers gave.  These arrangements are so easy to create and can bring any home a beautiful cheerful feel.

Limes and mixed floral

You don’t always have to use a filler.


Peonies at its finest!

This past week my local grocery store had the most beautiful peonies in this fun coral color!  That was a must have!  They also had some beautiful mixed greenery and this lettuce looking stems which aren’t kale but I don’t what they are called.  If you do please leave a comment below and let me know!  I also grabbed a neutral white flower mix to add a soft touch.

My original plan was to use artichokes as the filler but once I got started I felt there was no need for filler.  I ended up using them as outer decor.

Any floral arrangement with or without a filler is absolutely beautiful!  One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t always have to be real.  You make these arrangements with faux flowers and faux fruit or vegetables!

If flowers aren’t your jam, do something in your home that may just brighten your day.  Maybe it’s making a loaf of homemade bread, or burning a candle.  Do something that will make you smile.

Have a beautiful day my friends!

xoxo Bethany

Peonies at its finest

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