Which Rug is Best for Your Space?

Rugs can be so heavenly!

Is there such a thing as heavenly rugs?  I think so!  Looking at and admiring my Boutique Rugs today inspired me to do a blog post about them!!

I was looking for a new rug for my craft room/office for some time.  So last summer I came across the Erath Area rug from Boutique rugs. I thought to myself  “This is PERFECT!!!”  This rug did not disappoint when it arrived.  The first thing I did notice was how soft the rug is. I can’t stop running my hand over it!  The binding around the edges are so nice and thick.  I immediately had to unroll it and place it in my office.

One thing I can tell you about purchasing a new rug for your home is that it really can transform any space.  I know that you’ve probably heard that before but it is 100% true!  Every time I get a new rug the space feels so new, clean, and really becomes so appealing to the eye!

  Can a new rug make you smile? I think so!

I recently received the new Alice Area rug in the color Ali which is considered white but looks more like a light ivory color which was exactly what I envisioned.  The second I unrolled it a big smile came across my face.  But first, my husband helped me clean the area in my living room where the rug was going to go. I wanted to clean under where the old rug was.  After moving the furniture out of the way and it was all clean we went ahead and unrolled the rug.  Boy is it a beauty!  The pattern, the lines, the texture, the color, and how soft to the touch it is, I knew this was the perfect rug!


Deciding on what kind of rug you want and need.

Can picking out a rug be intimidating??? Yes very much!  How do you determine what size to get and color scheme? I am simple at heart and I try not to make things more complicated than they need to be, so rule of thumb I always say to my self is in big areas I try to stay more neutral.  I do that only because larger rugs are more costly to switch out.

When you change your throw pillows, holiday and seasonal decor often that is a lot more easier to change and cheaper than a large rug.  It’s also easier to decorate when you are working with a neutral pallet like your large area rug.  Smaller rugs that are 5×7 or less I tend to change more frequently and usually pick a fun pattern but this is only my personal opinion.  I’m never against picking a fun rug with a pattern in a larger size.  Cost wise I tend to stick to neutrals as I’ll keep them a bit longer.


Ok now let’s talk rug sizes.  First and for most measure your area where you are placing your rug.  You don’t want a rug that is too small or too large for your space.  Sometimes though things can’t work out perfectly and so you just make it work but remember this, your area rug should be about the size of your seating area in your living room space.  Dining room its best to find a rug that is large enough that when you pull your chair out the chair still remains on the rug.  I have had to break that rule in my second home because a larger rug wouldn’t work in that space so my 2 end chairs do pull out onto the wood floor, but that’s okay!  Sometimes rules are made to be broken right?  Just do the best you can but know that sometimes you have to improvised and break the rules.


Answering more questions about rug sizes.

One of the biggest questions I get are rug sizes for bedrooms. Here’s the rule of thumb but again sometimes it may not work in your space so you can always do what works best; for a king size bed a 10×13, queen size 8×10 or 10×13, full 8×10, twin any size rug would work depends on where you are placing the bed.  If the bed is on the side of the room place a 5×6 rug beside it.  If you are placing the bed in the center an 8×10 would be great!

Runners are my all time favorite placed by a kitchen sink if the sink is located in a longer area like an island or long part of a counter space.  This makes any kitchen cozy and soft to walk on while working in the kitchen.  So much to think about I know but it really is easy.  Just get out your measuring tape and start configuring out your space.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!


Best news of this whole post is that I’m excited to be able to share with you an amazing coupon code!!! If you use the code BETHANY55 you will save 55% off any item off Boutique Rugs.  They not only have rugs but they also carry home accents like furniture, throw pillows, blankets, lamps so much more! So what are you waiting for?  Get that new rug you’ve been thinking about and make your space a happy one!




  1. Elise says:

    I Love your style and design ideas. You are so talented

  2. Kristine says:

    Where did you get the blue leather ottoman shown in the rug article?

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