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One of my very favorite things since starting this journey is to share amazing brands and products to my followers. I will not advertise or show them something that I personally wouldn’t use or love. Trust from my followers and from the brand and companies I work with is very important to me.  

My favorite way to showcase products are through posts and stories on my Instagram account. Sharing direct links in my stories is always a favorite. I have worked with brands that I’ve shared on Pinterest and Facebook as well. I’m excited to now be able to showcase products here on my new blog where I will be able to go into even more details on amazing brands and products.

Here are some of the companies I have worked with over the last couple of years; Hoover, Cricut, Oh Sweet Skye, Krumpets Home Décor (Adams and Company), Boutique Rugs, Harper Grayce signs, Jane, Hoover, Caraway, RC Willey, Floral Treasure, Cuddle and Kind, Rod Works, King of Christmas, Reflections of Christ, and so many more! Each one has been a complete delight to work with and I hope if the fit feels right I get to work with you too!

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