Custom Made Floating Shelves That You Will Swoon Over!

Are you looking for the perfect shelves for your home?

Well you came to the right place to learn more about some amazing shelves from Shelfology  

But first let me explain why I fell in love with Shelfology.

I have some beautiful custom floating shelves in my kitchen and living room that were made from my cabinet makers when we built our home almost 3 years ago.


Recently though I wanted more shelves that were just as beautiful in other different spaces in my home.  I desired to have shelves that had that same quality and that “WOW” factor just like the ones in my kitchen and living room.  I also needed certain sizes for each space.  After some research I came across Shelfology on Instagram and instantly fell in love!

Here’s why I love Shelfology shelves.

Variety!!!  Shelfology offers a fun variety of shelves for your home.  From wood shelves, picture ledges, and even mantels!!  Say what?!!!  Every single piece is made with the highest quality of materials.

They do not “chince” out on the quality of their products.  To me their shelves are like a piece of furniture in your home.  It brings in so much style and uniqueness to your space.  Let me show you what I mean.

These shelves in my office are called the Askel wood floating shelves.  They have several different wood types and colors to choose from.  You can go to their website and decide on what color and size that would work best for you.  I chose the Askel shelves in Alder.

I measured my space and determined how wide I wanted the shelves.  I went with 52′ long, 6″ wide in depth and 2 inches thick.  I thought they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! The color matched so well with my desk and flooring too!

Oh and I did mention how easy it is to hang up?  Shelfology  has easy instructions as well as a phone number you can reach out to them for any questions or concerns you may need help with. Also, they can send you samples of the wood stained to help you decide on what color would work best for your home.

As you can see I loved those shelves so much I did another one in the exact same color, just a different length in my mudroom area off of my kitchen.  This space needed to be dressed up a bit and boy was this shelf just the ticket!  It really completed this space more than I could’ve imagined! Askel Wood floating shelf for the win!

What is a Fat Lippie Picture Ledge?

Want another fun style for your home?  Check out this fun Fat Lippie Picture Ledge from Shelfology! Why its a shelf for your pictures!  A different and unique way to display your pictures in your home plus you can add a variety of decor next to it like I did with a vase and some pampas grass.

This shelf is made out of gauge steel and is powder coated and designed to last!  I wanted something to dress up my wall above our bed and this ledge was exactly what I needed!  I chose the color Black Matte, 60″ in length to go above my king size bed and 7″ in depth so it would be wide enough to hold not only pictures but plants and vases too.  What do you think?

The last Fat Lippie Picture Ledge Shelf I got was for my son’s room.  He is leaving in a couple of months to New Zealand on a church mission and so I thought it would be fun to add not only the New Zealand flag in his room but I also wanted to add the ledge shelf to just modernize his room a little bit and dress up his wall a bit more so it didn’t look so plain.

He loved it and thought it was cool so that’s a win win for me!  I must be a semi-cool mom right? haha!

This shelf I ordered is in the color Concretey, 60″ inches in length which is perfect to go above his queen size bed.  It is only 3″ in depth as I only planned to use it just for his picture above his bed so I didn’t need more depth than that.

I’m one happy customer!

So as you can see Shelfology  is the best of the best!  I highly recommend them.  Amazing quality and design!  Easy to install… oh and did I mention I hung all of these shelves all by myself?  Yes!! Yes I did!

Let Shelfology help beautify your home and go check out their website and instagram account to see all the amazing products they have to offer!



  1. Derek Hines says:

    Thanks for this post! We just put up shiplap around our fireplace and are going to add some floating shelves next to it. I see that shelfology also has floating mantels so we may have to get one as well!

  2. Larinda says:

    Have you ever shared what flooring you have in your kitchen? It’s beautiful!

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